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Auto Theft on Marco Island - 2022 white Range Rover stolen from a driveway

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Ilan Rakhmanov

A newly elected school board member in Florida wants to bring corporal punishment back to district classrooms, he said the morning after Tuesday’s election. #MarcoIsland #Naples #CollierCounty #Elections2022


Ilan Rakhmanov

From the Marco Island Police Department:

"Wind and rain are expected Wednesday and Thursday in our area. Potential exists for power outages & localized street flooding from Wednesday night through Thursday with windy conditions continuing into Friday. #marcoisland #HurricaneNicole"


Я был 2 раза на острове Марко,это для меня самое красивое место в мире.я очень хочу ещё раз прилететь туда,это просто рай на земле

Ilan Rakhmanov
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