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10 Most Expensive Homes Sold on Marco Island in 2022

As the saying goes, “location, location, location” is key in real estate. And for those looking for an investment with a sky-high price tag, Maco Island has become one of the most sought-after locations to purchase a property.

In 2022, 10 of the most expensive homes sold on Maco Island have made headlines and set records for their jaw-dropping prices.

# Here is a look at these luxurious abodes and what they are worth:

1. The Hilltop Mansion – $20 million

Located atop a hill overlooking the pristine waters of Maco Island lies this extravagant mansion that has been dubbed “The Hilltop Mansion”. This 25,000 square foot estate comes complete with 8 bedrooms and 12 bathrooms as well as its own private beachfront access point. It was purchased in 2022 by an anonymous buyer for $20 million dollars making it one of the most expensive homes ever sold on Maco Island.

2. The Seacliff Estate – $18 million

Sitting right along the coastline is this majestic 13 bedroom estate that features stunning ocean views from every room inside its walls. Complete with a heated infinity pool and two boat docks this property was sold in 2022 to an international investor group who paid an astonishing 18 million dollars to call it home!

3. The Beachside Retreat – $17 million

For those looking to get away from it all and relax under soft white sand beaches then look no further than The Beachside Retreat located right off shore near Maco Island's main strip shopping center. This 9 bedroom villa features breathtaking views of both land and sea which can be enjoyed from either inside or out thanks to its wrap around terrace decking system! It was recently bought by a wealthy business mogul for 17 million dollars in early 2021 setting yet another record high sale amount onMacro Island!

4 .The Luxury Yacht Home–$15 Million

Those looking for more than just land based luxury will be pleased to know about this impressive yacht home docked off shore near Macro Islands harbor district! This 3 story floating palace not only contains 6 bedrooms but also boasts such amenities as jet skis , paddle boards , kayaks , jet skis & even water slides ! What makes this vessel special though? Its 15 Million dollar price tag which earned itself rightful place among other luxurious island properties when it was purchased earlier year !

5 . The Palatial Penthouse Suite –$14 Million

Perched atop one of Macro islands highest towers lies this palatial penthouse suite spanning over 7500 sq ft across two stories ! Not only does residence feature breathtaking panoramic views but also includes such luxuries like marble floors throughout & walk in closets just about every room imaginable including guest bedrooms & bathrooms too ! 14 Million Dollars were spent here back in 2021 earning title most expensive penthouse suite ever sold on Macro island up date .

6 . Lake View Mansion - $11 Million

Situated on picturesque lake side lot sits Lake view Mansion featuring 7 bedrooms 8 bathrooms & total floor area exceeding 10000sq ft across three stories tall ! Among many impressive qualities like sunset facing balconies gourmet kitchen lavish wet bar 11 Million Dollar asking price certainly stands out against rest competition market 2019 earning seller massive profit margin subsequent sale same year ..

7 . Beachfront Villa - $10 Million

Boasting direct access some best kept beaches maco island lays beach front villa offering grandiose living experience 5 star quality interiors exterior landscaping alike . Spread out over 3 stories building offers magnificent sweeping coastal views times during day due vast windows found each level interior design consists modern furnishings fine art pieces 10million dollar sale truly remarkable feat considering properties age condition time purchase 2020 ..

8 . Ocean View Chalet - $9 Million

High amongst cliffs rests ocean view chalet commanding absolutely stunning sea vistas surrounding area beyond words describe sheer beauty natural environment provided residence interior decor quite cozy comfortable boasting everything needed enjoy stay without having worry outside world 9million dollar asking price may seem bit steep first however once taking into account entire packages offered sweet deal sure enough make anyone smile when purchased 2021 ..

9 . Harbor Side Residence - $8 Million

Located within close proximity macos main harbor resides harborside residence exquisite living space combining traditional charm modern comforts fit seamlessly together creating unique atmosphere relaxation privacy simultaneously 2story building offers spectacular view boats ships sailing nearby plus additional bonus being able take part various activities offered waterfronts yearly events concerts festivals etc 8million dollar sale surprised many local buyers however new owner seems quite pleased his decision went through 2019 ...

10. Private Hideaway - $7 Million

Last our list private hideaway secluded retreat far away hustle bustle busy city life although situated middle nowhere still manages provide visitors everything need order enjoy stay within comfort luxury usually found much more expensive properties boasting private swimming pool hot tub sauna steam room garden terrace etc 7million dollar purchase took place mid 2022 proving that even remotest places can hold great value potential investors willing put trust them ....

Whether you’re looking for a place to call home or an investment opportunity, it’s clear that Maco Island is the place to be. These 10 most expensive homes sold in 2022 are proof of this fact and demonstrate just how much potential lies within the luxury real estate market on Maco Island.


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