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Debris Cleanup In Collier County Waters

The waters of Collier County have been littered with debris in the aftermath of Hurricane Ian. Residents are anxious to get back into the Gulf to swim and enjoy the beach, but many are also wary about what may be lurking beneath the surface.

To begin cleanup efforts, Collier County has announced that crews will begin working on waterway debris collection starting on Monday. However, a county official has since clarified that this was a messaging error and that there is no set start date for debris removal.

In the meantime, residents are taking precautions to avoid potential hazards in the water. Some have opted to stay out of the water altogether, while others have only ventured in up to their ankles, out of concern for the water quality.

Local boaters have also been monitoring the waters, towing away derelict boats and other large debris that has washed up from inland areas. Despite the challenges posed by shifting debris and changing tides, these efforts will help to restore Collier County's waterways to their former glory.​

It is unclear when debris cleanup in Collier County waters will begin, but local residents are hopeful that it will happen soon. In the meantime, they are taking precautions to avoid any potential hazards in the water and staying out of areas with large quantities of debris.​


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