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Landscape/Fertilizer Registration and Compliance Now Enforced

The City of Marco Island is committed to protecting its waterways and the environment.

To ensure this, the Marco Island Police Department Code Enforcement Division is now enforcing the professional landscape/fertilizer registration and compliance process.

Beginning Wednesday, March 1, 2023, all professional landscapers and those intending to apply fertilizer must become familiar with the certification process outlined in FSS 482.1562 and Code of Ordinance 16-02: Sections 8-70 through 8-80 and 18-62 through 18-65. Those not in compliance after this grace period will begin receiving notices of violation and stop work orders. Violations not corrected are subject to a fine.

The City of Marco Island encourages residents to verify the landscaping companies they hire are licensed and registered. Information on the mandated training and certification process can be obtained by emailing: or by contacting the Environmental Planner at 239-389-3949.

By ensuring all professional landscapers and fertilizer applicators are registered and in compliance with the regulations, we can help protect our waterways and maintain the quality of our environment.


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