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Marco Island Approves Old Marco Restaurant Plan, 30-Day Appeal Window

The Marco Island Planning Board recently voted to approve a revised plan to renovate the historic Old Marco Restaurant. After nearly a year of back and forth between the island's development authority, residents, business owners, restaurant owner Sandra Clark and other interested parties, the decision has finally been made.

The board approved an amended application with a reduced seating capacity from 149 seats down to 142 and decreased parking spaces from 57 spots all the way down to 22. Additionally, proponents of preserving a portion of Marco Island's history won their battle, as well as the board agreed that there is enough historical significance at Old Marco to apply for state and local preservation designation for two walls in its interior area that are part of Caxambas Pass Historic Trail. The former also includes increasing vegetation screening around outdoor seating areas as environmental buffers between neighbors and commercial activity.

Residents who do not agree with this decision have 30 days from May 18th, when it was officially approved by Collier County Commissioners, to file an appeal in order to contest any aspect regarding historic preservation, among others changes proposed before nearby residents. They must present paperwork containing any violations they feel necessary or evidence supporting their disagreement while stating clear objections within the such timeframe or else they could waive all rights concerning such objections forever afterward.

However, opinions remain mixed towards this new chapter on Old Marcou's future goes, according to some resident's reports, since many still identify with what should or shouldn't happen despite being informed previously while having attended meetings during past months conductive by community outreach organizations involving planning board members suggesting alternative solutions either suggested by Sandra Clark herself or developed by those same organizations wishing each outcome works out better compared against expectations shown up until now.

These efforts paid off last week when Commissioner Donna Fiala stated how monumental these decisions were for our entire island, shedding light upon the importance of maintaining prominent features like Old Marcos' impact through generations, so it continues adding more value to each individual experience provided anyone visits downtown district; placing everyone involved including current restaurateur into where appropriate roles turn out agreeable regardless if further discussions arise anytime soon afterward depending upon how processes unravel proceeding it takes effect later on month given no direction change ever established without legal backup reflecting respecting tradition which preceded existence up until recent years.

# In Summary

While it remains unknown if any appeals are filed within the 30-day period set by the board, the resident's reactions have been mixed concerning this newly approved plan for Old Marco Restaurant. The reduction of seating capacity and parking spaces as well as a previously agreed upon historic designation for two walls in the restaurant's interior remain at its core, ensuring both historical preservation and environmental protection are respected by all parties involved insuring granted proposal turns out successful onwards.


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