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Marco Island Braces for Busiest Weekend Since Pre-Pandemic as Seasonal Rush Arrives

As many in the United States prepare for the holiday season, Marco Island, Florida is preparing itself for its busiest weekend since before the pandemic began. With a long summer of near-empty beaches and minimal tourist activities, this is an exciting occasion for businesses along Marco Island's beachfront.

Marco Island Braces for Busiest Weekend Since Pre-Pandemic as Seasonal Rush Arrives

The local chamber of commerce estimates that the influx of visitors this past weekend was at least double last year's numbers. The large increase in tourist activity has restaurants anticipating bigger than normal crowds while beachfront hotels and motels are seeing rooms booked solid with people looking to get away as the new year approaches.

The vacationers coming to Marco Island come from all around the state of Florida and beyond. Visitors are also flocking to rentals on both north and south end beaches but tourists have also been spotted out at Tigertail Beach and Capri Pass Outlet Center. One thing that all these places have in common is their stunning views over the Gulf of Mexico and access to outdoor activities like fishing, boating, kayaking, jet skiing, swimming or simply lounging by the waves listening to live entertainment or taking a nap among tropical plants.

All through the winter season businesses on Marco Island will be open with shopkeepers across various retail establishments eager to share their goods with excited shoppers seeking unique gifts or adding details to Christmas decorations throughout Marco homes should there be enough time for residents of Southwest Florida’s sea-island village area.

While restaurants on Marco Island may still operate under certain constraints from county health officials because of COVID-19 safety protocols, holiday jollies remain intact thanks to mini Christmas markets popping up around town providing holiday cheer to locals without having people congregate inside physical stores or risk contracting COVID-19 outside their own social safety circles.

Whether it’s walking along Capri Pass outlet center looking for one-of-a-kind gifts for family friends or catching those last few cheery sunsets before the new year arrives, it appears quite clear that travelers far and wide clearly understand what makes staycationing in a paradise such a memorable experience - especially this Holiday Season!

This much-welcome booster shot has provided some optimism mixed with relief throughout SWFL as they look ahead towards 2021 while unwinding behind closed doors knowing spectacular scenes between sand and surf provide an ideal backdrop so natural yet peaceful experience unthinkable even six months ago when lodging occupancy was very low across nearly deserted Texas gulf coast towns not ready yet set aside meaningful intentions like Marco islanders did prior 2020 bye weeks during hectic pleasure season each year.

So now, when we look at the internal period with huge and better anticipation, it's definitely clear that seaside communities such as Marco islanders have reason to believe that a safe and happy holiday season awaits everyone who has yet to enjoy its playful offerings within a getaway platform designed to make one's away dreams come true over and over again during every exciting staycationing trip.


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