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Marco Island to Open FEMA Mobile Disaster Recovery Center at Mackle Park

Residents of Marco Island affected by Hurricane Ian are invited to register for FEMA assistance at Mackle Park this week.

From December 14-16th and December 18th, the Mobile Disaster Recovery Center will be open from 9:00am to 5:00pm to help residents apply for assistance.

When you arrive to register, it is important to bring all the necessary information with you. This includes your pre-disaster address, current mailing address and telephone number, insurance information, total household annual income, bank account routing, and account number. Having these details available will make the application process easier and faster.

FEMA representatives will be on hand to assist with any questions or issues that arise during registration. They will also provide helpful information about other disaster-related benefits that may be available.

The Mobile Disaster Recovery Center is an excellent resource for those affected by Hurricane Ian. Don’t wait - register for FEMA assistance at Mackle Park this week!


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