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No credits on tax bills despite Hurricane Ian's damage.

Lee and Collier county residents will get their property tax bills this week, after a difficult time for many property owners in Southwest Florida after Hurricane Ian.

The bills show an undeniable confirmation of the types of damage inflicted by nature on buildings and grounds.

Tax bills are based on property — the land, the fixtures, the buildings — as it was on Jan. 1, 2022.

Hurricane Ian has caused significant damage to property that had recovered from the last hurricane five years ago.

The damage caused by this storm is likely more than $50 billion.

Soon after the storm, the insurance claims were estimated to be of $42 billion to $57 billion. Hurricane Irma, in 2017, caused an estimated $77 million in damages.

Estimated damage to Lee schools is roughly $230 million

As a result of natural disasters, many homeowners and businesses are now faced with the dilemma of reappraising taxes for land values that no longer exist. Meanwhile, they have to spend money on repair and reconstruction or even look for new locations often at their own expense.


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