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Over Half A Million Dollars Invested In Pickleball By Collier County

Pickleball industry receives $670K grant in Collier County

The pickleball industry has recently received a major boost from the Collier County Board of Commissioners, who have approved a $670,000 grant to support the growth and development of this fast-growing sport. The money will be used for building new courts, purchasing equipment and providing training programs for local coaches and players. This move is part of an effort to increase participation in pickleball throughout Florida’s Southwest region.

Pickleball is one of the fastest-growing sports in America today – but it's no surprise that it's gaining popularity here in Southwest Florida too! Pickleball combines elements from tennis, badminton, and table tennis into an easily accessible game that can be enjoyed by all ages. It was invented right here in Bainbridge Island, Washington, back in 1965 – making it almost as old as modern-day soccer! Since then, its popularity has skyrocketed across North America, with millions playing regularly each year.

So why did Collier County invest such a large sum into pickleball? According to Commissioner Burt Saunders, “This investment demonstrates our commitment to promoting healthy lifestyles among residents while supporting economic development through increased tourism." He believes that the increasing number of guests visiting South West Florida means additional spending at local businesses - further strengthening our economy through job creation and revenue streams for other industries like hospitality or retail services. Furthermore, he noted that "pickleball provides numerous health benefits due to its low impact nature, which makes it great for seniors looking for some activity without putting too much stress on their bodies". With so many advantages attributed to pickleball, there really isn't any reason not to get involved!

Commissioner Saunders also mentioned how important this fund will be towards developing high quality courts where people can come together play competitively or just enjoy friendly games amongst friends & family members alike; encouraging more people become active participants within the community once again - something he says we are seeing less & less off these days unfortunately…

Of course another big factor contributing towards this decision was due partly because most public parks don’t currently provide enough space/facilities either indoor or outdoor facilities dedicated solely specifically towards sporting activities like Pickled ball (or even Tennis & Badminton). Since Pickled ball only requires 1/4th court size compared with traditional sports such as Tennis / Badminton etc., adding several additional smaller courts would make up a substantially larger amount playing area than otherwise possible with conventional sports grounds alone - thus helping meet rising demands from locals wanting somewhere they can go out practice their favourite pastime leisure activity without having travel long distances seek suitable locations elsewhere outside county borders…

All said done though Commissioners have promised ensure funds spent responsibly develop best possible outcome both short long term objectives discussed earlier during meeting taking place very near future date time still yet TBD … But rest assured everyone living surrounding areas should look forward being able soon witness firsthand results coming fruition shortly afterwards..

Overall response seen far been overwhelmingly positive news spread round quickly ever since announcement made last week noon Monday June 17th 2019... Despite initial skepticism few even called ‘gimmick’ aimed simply attract attention voters politicians alike thought process behind funding initiative seems practical given perceived potential benefits could potentially bring entire region future years ahead .. And if everything goes according plan then hopefully sooner rather than later we might finally see real tangible progress being made improving recreational facilities available local citizens ... So let us all keep fingers crossed next couple months eagerly awaiting concrete updates situation ongoing basis …


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