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Pickleballers and Marco Police Unite for Toys for Tots

In a beautiful show of community spirit, pickleball players and Marco Island police have joined forces to “rally” around the Toys for Tots campaign this holiday season. The local effort starts on November 30th with a Toy Drive Fundraiser sponsored by the Southwest Florida Pickleball Club at Macklesized Gardens & Café in Goodland.

All members of the SWFP and their guests are asked to participate in the event featuring live music, food, drinks, raffles, and more. Participants can donate new or gently-used toys that benefit children in Collier County who need them most during this joyous time of year.

Toys For Tots is part of a larger network for giving called the United Through Reading Military Program, which brings joy to kids all over US military installations around the world every Christmas Day. The program ensures that no child goes without gifts regardless of location or situation and operates through donations from compassionate individuals like those living here in Marco Island!

This cause became even near and dear to hearts when several members of SWFP found out that some officers at their local Marco Police Department recently couldn’t afford necessary presents for their children during Christmas due to financial constraints. Hence, they worked together with local organizations like Golisano Children’s Hospital, Toys R Us/Babies R Us, as well as McDonald's restaurants throughout Collier County who donated to make sure these families had needed supplies such as diapers, blankets, and other essential items available for immediate use when needed. Thus began an organized movement within SWPC with many leaders stepping up and putting forth great energy and interacting with both corporate entities as well as individuals from all walks of life reaching out to help where help was needed most!

This marks just one example of how two great communities -pickle ballers and policemen- have come together unselfishly to create something amazing, making everyone involved truly feel accomplished while seizing an opportunity to do greater good today and tomorrow.


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