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The Debate Over Old Marco's Proposed Restaurant Continues

The ongoing debate over the potential new restaurant in Old Marco is still a very contentious issue.

The Snook Inn has recently filed an appeal over a 5-2 vote to approve a revised site development plan for the proposed 7,480 square-foot restaurant with 168 seats located at 1202 Bald Eagle Drive. The proposed restaurant would also include 37 parking spaces plus five onsite boat slips.

The site plan would also feature 12 spaces located off-site across Lee Avenue. According to Section 30-484 of the City Codes, this is allowed as long as the lot is contiguous and not separated by an arterial or collector road, which Lee Avenue is not. With the five boat slips, bike rack/bench, and recycling receptacle, the petitioner has been granted six credits for the necessary 42 parking spaces.

Throughout the discussions, several board members brought up the issue of safety. However, when it came time to vote, the majority of the board voted in favor of the motion. Jason Bailey, Nanette Rivera, David Vergo, Mike Hogan, and Geoff Fahringer all voted in favor of the motion, while Nanette Finkle and Hayden Dubois opposed the approval.

Legal counsel for the Snook Inn filed an appeal of the Planning Board’s action as found in Sec. 30-678. The city council may affirm, affirm with conditions, reverse or reverse with conditions the action of the planning board. Daniel Smith, Director of Community Affairs, was unsure when this issue would be coming before council for the Appeals Hearing.

It is clear the debate over this proposed restaurant is far from over. The Snook Inn has filed its appeal in an effort to ensure the safety of the area and it will be interesting to see how the city council decides to proceed.


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