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The Opening Of A New High School In Collier County After 19 Years

The opening of a new high school in Collier County generates a lot of excitement among students, parents, and teachers alike. This high school will be the first to open in the county in nearly two decades, and it is being hailed as a much-needed addition to address overcrowding at existing schools.

However, the new high school also raises several concerns among parents and community members. Many are worried about issues such as traffic congestion and transportation challenges that may arise from the opening of the new school.

Chad Oliver, a parent of a student at Gulf Coast High School, is particularly concerned about the lack of transparency on the part of the school district. He feels that the CCPS has not done its due diligence in assessing how the opening of the new high school will impact existing schools and is merely making an arbitrary decision about boundary zones without having all of the necessary information.

Despite these concerns, Collier County public schools have stated that they are committed to ensuring that this new high school benefits all students in the district. They are currently working on plans to ensure that adequate resources and transportation are available to students attending the new school, as well as outlining a clear opt-out period for any students who wish to remain at their current schools.

Ultimately, it remains to be seen how these issues will play out as the new high school begins to open its doors to students.


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